The Hibernian Brewing School is an on-line brewing school and resource center that offers on-line training programmes, technical support and a bank of information rich in substance.

Our On-Line Training Programmes are Self-Directed

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Our master brewers have over 100 years technical brewing experience and have put together programmes rich in substance in a very user-friendly structure. Candidates do however need to self-manage their own schedule to completion.

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We are an accredited school for City & Guilds and FDQ and many of our programmes are on the European Qualifications Framework. The same degree of quality control rigour is applied to our own Hibernian Brewing School programmes.

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Our technical support team of master brewers and quality personnel provide support through our on-line forums where programme participants can also contribute.

We cater for

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We specialise in programmes and resources for CRAFT BREWERS

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Our programmes for Draught Technicians

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Training for the hospitality sector

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Programmes for retail staff

More than a Brewing School

In addition to our CORE ON-LINE TRAINING PROGRAMMES, we also have;


  • TECHNICAL SUPPORT FORUMS – where our team of experts deal with any brewing related questions you have   AND


  • A RESOURCE CENTRE – where our experts have put together valuable technical information, guidelines & useful templates to help you with implementation in the practical world.

 For more information, go to our FAQ section.

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