* For Craft Brewers who need a solid technical foundation.
* Consists of over 60 knowledge units, books, articles, videos and 4 on-line assessments.
* Takes approx. 100 learning hours to complete.
* Cost €280.

Programme Description

The programme has an international  perspective and is aimed at front-line brewers who need to know how to brew a variety of different beer styles.

A central part of the programme is around illustrating how the different brew styles can be derived by using different raw materials and making changes to key process parameters.

While the programme is essentially practically orientated, it does delve into ‘brewing science’ to a level that enables the brewer clearly understand why ‘recipe differences’ have the desired impacts on beer characteristics. Home Brewing, Nano Brewing and Cider making are also covered in the programme and comparisons are also made with the wine sector.

As a full Brewing programme, it also covers Compliance & Engineering and another key part is around troubleshooting the various brewing problems that arise.

Programme Content

The programme content consists of the following;

A. On-line lesson packs cover the core part of the programme (See below).

B. Short video clips and animations are used for illustration in appropriate areas.

C. Supporting reading materials are available in the form of pdf documents and ebooks.

For information on the lessons within each module, go to the curriculum tab above and then click on the various modules.

Assesssment & Certification

Candidates are assessed as follows;

Multi-choice tests (4) ie. One Assessment for each programme stream. The 4 MCQ’s are on-line with 30mins allocated for each MCQ.

An honours mark of >60% is required on each MCQ and candidates have 5 attempts to achieve this mark – questions are taken from a bank of questions and are randomized so candidates get a different test each time. A distinction can be achieved if candidates achieve a mark of >80%.

The total assessment time is therefore 4 x 30mins = 2hrs.

If a candidate does not achieve the required mark in one or more of the tests within the allocated number of attempts, they need to re-register for the full programme again.

Once a candidate has passed all MCO’s, a certificate with a unique learner ID can be printed off on-line.

Programme Duration, Support & Completion

Candidates will have access to materials for 6mths from the date of registration and candidates need to self manage their time.

Assessments need to be successfully completed within the 6 month period to gain certification. MCQ Assessments can be submitted at any stage during the programme and when successful, the certificate can be printed off at that time.

It is estimated that approx. 100 standard learning hours are required to complete the programme (including time to complete all 4 MCQ assessments).

To take the course

  • Click on the ‘take this course’ button which takes you to a new screen.
  • Follow the instructions to ‘sign up’/register by clicking on top RHS – you will be asked to enter a username and password for future login.
  • You will be sent an email for verification purposes and after verification you can use the username and password to login and start the course.
  • Your activity will be tracked to the username. Please use your lowercase name as username ie. tomjones.

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  1. Really Good


    I had a few brewing courses in my life, and this is one of the bests ever. I learned a lot, can’t wait to put my new knowledge in practice! Really really good

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