* For Craft Brewers who need a structured plan to enable them develop all the practical skills required to be the best craft brewers.
* Consists of knowledge and practical elements.
* Can be completed over an 18 month duration.
* Cost €740

How to qualify as a Hibernian Master Brewer

Knowledge needs to be demonstrated as follows;

– 4 Assignments need to be successfully completed (both Problem Solving & Troubleshooting assignments)

– A verbal assessment (face-to-face or Skype) between the candidate and assigned Hibernian Brewing School tutor needs to be successfully completed.

On-the-job requirements (needs to be signed off by a line manager); 

–       Experienced in at least 2 of the 3 core brewing areas for an equivalent of 6 months and signed off as competent for a specific checklist of items (as specified by the Hibernian brewing school).

–       Successfully completed 1 problem solving project and 1 improvement project in two core areas (ie. 4 projects in total). Guidelines for the projects are given by the Hibernian brewing school and a template is available. These projects all need to be signed off by a local line manager.

–       Successfully completed a brewery design / capacity modelling assignment to the required standard.

–       Complete technical visits and reports in ; the third core brewing area, at least 1 other brewery, a brewpub, a maltings, trade quality, logistics & planning, sales/commercial, marketing/branding. Sign off for completion of the visits need to be completed by the local line manager. Reports are completed using a Hibernian Brewing School template and signed off by the local line manager also – they are also submitted as part of the Master Brewer portfolio.


Candidates are required to have completed the Hibernian Associate Diploma Brewer programme.

Assessment & Certification

The following needs to be submitted for assessment and verification;

1. Sign off sheets (from Line Manager) on the work experience areas.

2. The completed problem solving projects (2) and Continuous Improvement Projects (2).

3. The completed sign off sheets (from Line Manager) on the technical visits.

4. The completed assignments post the technical visits.

5. Contact details for the Line Manager(s) who signed off the candidate.

Based on a successful review of the evidence, the certificate will be awarded with an independently signed off resume of knowledge & experience. The possible result outcomes are honours (>60%) or distinction (>80%) and the marks from the associate programme are also carried forward in determining this – the marking scheme will be available to candidates upon registration.


Programme Duration, Support & Completion

From the date of registration, the candidate has 18 months to complete the programme and the candidate must have a minimum of 3 years on-the-job experience.

Submissions can be made at various stages throughout.

Guidance will be given all through the programme from scoping out projects to giving advice at various stages.

When all submissions have been made, they will be reviewed as described above.

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