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Welcome to the Hibernian Brewing School

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Online brewing courses for professionals, home brewers, & beer lovers.

Our Beer Brewing courses offer in-depth information, brewing tips and unsurpassed advice on how to improve your beer brewing skills. We are the first brewing school to offer Digital Credential qualifications with support from Taste4Success /  Skillnet.

Our Brewing Courses


 Enjoy and learn
with our
Brewing 101

– Fully online course
– Includes 15 units
– 1 online assessment
– 15 learning hours
– Cost €80


Gain all the essential knowledge for artisan & home brewing

– Fully online course
– 52 knowledge units 
– 4 online assessments
– 100 learning hours
– Cost €280


Gain in-depth Brewing knowledge and brewing capability

– Face-to-face online support
– Practical brewing skills focus
– Technical discussions
– Put brewing system in place
– Cost €480

Customer Reviews

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“I’ve done a number of brewing courses in my life, and this is one of the best ever. I learned a lot, can’t wait to put my new knowledge in practice! Really really good!”

Victor Hugo Cardoso

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“Finished the course, received the certificate this morning – thanks. I learned a load – but some lessons got a bit technical for me. Got thorough it and enjoyed it though!

Glen Murphy

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“Just finished the Associate Brewer, -delighted! Interface was a little clunky at times,  but content was EXCELLENT!

Mark Keller
May 8, 2021 

Learn to brew from the best

The brewing school was founded in 2015, By Ger Galvin a highly skilled brewer, with many years experience.

Ger started out in the Guinness Brewery, at St James Gate in Dublin. He now provides technical support for a range of breweries, distilleries and brewpubs.

Ger has worked with many different global and craft beer brands, including Guinness, Harp, Carlsberg, Budweiser, Smithwicks, McArdles, Kilkenny, Furstenburg, & St James’s Gate Craft Beers.

Ger is a certified assessor and verifier and remains a lead assessor and programme director for the Hibernian Brewing School.

Brewing courses online - learn how to brew beer
Ger Galvin, Master Brewer
Beer Brewing Recipes, How to brew beer
Follow along step by step with our beer Brewing Recipies and downloadable lables.


Beer Glasses - use the right glass for the beer you are drinking

Which Glass for What Beer?

Know how to choose the correct glassware for your beer, and how the glass can effect the drinking experience.

Used by Professionals

Professional brewing courses, beer school

We train and certify brewers in top brewing companies & microbreweries

Recognised Qualifications

Beer Brewing Qualifications, online brewing school

We are an accredited school for City & Guilds and FDQ
Many of our programmes are on the European Qualifications Framework.