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Welcome to the Hibernian Brewing School

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Online brewing courses for professionals, home brewers, & beer lovers.

Our Beer Brewing courses offer in-depth information, brewing tips and unsurpassed advice on how to improve your beer brewing skills. We are the first brewing school to offer Digital Credential qualifications with support from Taste4Success /  Skillnet.

Our Brewing Courses


 Enjoy and learn with our Brewing 101

– Fully online course
– Includes 15 units
– 1 online assessment
– 15 learning hours
– Cost €80


Gain all the essential knowledge for artisan & home brewing

– Fully online course
– 52 knowledge units 
– 4 online assessments
– 100 learning hours
– Cost €280


Gain in-depth Brewing knowledge and brewing capability

– Face-to-face online support
– Practical brewing skills focus
– Technical discussions
– Put Brewing system in place
– Cost €480

Customer Reviews

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“I’ve done a number of brewing courses in my life, and this is one of the best ever. I learned a lot, can’t wait to put my new knowledge in practice! Really really good!”

– Victor Hugo Cardoso

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’Just started this course, a week in and I’m very happy with my tutor and his support. I’ve long way to go yet, but great so far! Thanks!

– Glen Murphy
   Wexford, Ireland

“A great course… full of the information I needed to help improve my home brewing skills!”

– Brian Chellar,
   Santa Barbara, CA 

Our Founder & Director

The brewing school was founded in 2015, By Ger Galvin a highly skilled brewer, with many years experience. Ger started out in the Guinness Brewery, at St James Gate in Dublin. He now provides technical support for a range of breweries, distilleries and brewpubs. Ger has worked with many different global and craft beer brands, including Guinness, Harp, Carlsberg, Budweiser, Smithwicks, McArdles, Kilkenny, Furstenburg, & St James’s Gate Craft Beers. Ger is a certified assessor and verifier and remains a lead assessor and programme director for the Hibernian Brewing School.
Brewing courses online - learn how to brew beer

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Professional brewing courses

We train and certify brewers in top brewing companies & microbreweries

Accredited Programmes

Beer Brewing Qualifications

We are an accredited school for City & Guilds and FDQ
Many of our programmes are on the European Qualifications Framework.