Computer Requirements

Context for Computer Specifications

Our training is 100% web based and can be accessed anywhere and as with all on-line training courses, some computer configurations work better than others, particularly for games, short videos, quiz’s and animations.

There are many different devices out there (from PC’s to laptops to phones) as well as many different browsers (eg. firefox, chrome, safari) which results in many different user configurations. Our training programmes can be enjoyed to the full on PCs and laptops and we are continually working towards bringing that experience to ipads, tablets and phones with different computer configurations.

Computer Specifications for On-Line Delivery

To help ensure the best learning experience from our on-line delivery, some of the points below are worth noting;

  1. A PC or Laptop is the best type computer to use. Mainstream tablets and phones also work well but may not be as user-friendly or visually appealing for elements of some programmes (for example some good animations may have to be skipped over).
  2. Good Broadband speed ( ie. > 15Mbps download speed) is important as many of the lesson files are quite large to download and can be slow if broadband speeds are not good. You can check your broadband speed within minutes by doing an internet search for broadband speed test.
  3. The fastest and most reliable browsers for our courses are Firefox or Google Chrome – both can be downloaded for free from the internet. Safari also works well. Some other browsers may tend to be slow and unreliable on some machines and can give false errors.
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