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    * For Small Batch Craft Brewers who need to develop all the knowledge and skills to ‘brew like a pro’. * Consists of research, knowledge and practical elements. * Can be completed within a 1 year duration. * Cost €740

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    Programme Description The programme has an international perspective and is aimed at small batch brewers who need to know how to brew a variety of different beer styles. A central part of the programme is around illustrating how the different brew styles can be derived by using different raw materials and making changes to key process parameters. While the programme is essentially practically orientated, it does delve into ‘brewing science’ to a level that enables the brewer clearly understand why ‘recipe differences’ have the desired impacts on beer characteristics. Home Brewing, Nano Brewing and Cider making are also covered in the programme and comparisons are also made with the…

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    What you’ll learn 1. You’ll get an understanding of all the key aspects of the modern brewing industry. 2. You’ll learn to taste and distinguish different beer flavours and learn how they are derived from the brewing process.   Programme Contents The programme consists of 15 Lessons/Units.   Training Methods, Duration & Assessment All materials are available on-line (including free material to download) for a 3 month period after registration. A multi-choice test is taken on-line when the programme is completed by the candidate and this needs to be within the 3 month period. An honours mark of >60% is required on the test to gain certification.…

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    * For all staff in breweries who need an annual refresher in General Safety. * Consists of 1 Lessons and 1 on-line test. * Takes Approx 1 learning hour to complete. * Cost €20.