Beer and Food

12th Jan 2019

We are doing some sensory/tasting work with the trainee chefs at the Kilkenny School of Food. There is a very good overlap between sensory in food and beer. For example, I describe the flavours from a ‘Maillard Reaction’ during Malt kilning (ie. ie. protein plus sugar plus heat reactions) as ‘slightly seared steak flavours’. I describe flavours from caramelization reactions (ie. ie. sugar plus sugar plus heat) as being more like ‘crème brulee’.

There are two fantastic award winning chefs here – Janine Kennedy and Dermot Gannon and I really enjoy working here as the school’s values are very much aligned with ours – they promote community involvement, grow your own programmes, local produce etc.

I am planning to run a Beer and Food training programme with them in the next few months – watch the space !

March 19, 2019

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