* This is a Foundation programme for aspiring Baristas.
* Consists of 22 Lessons and 2 on-line tests.
* Takes Approx 30 learning hours to complete.
* Cost €40.


The Award in Retail Service (Barista) is an ideal foundation programme for aspiring Baristas. It incorporates a number of lessons and short videos with assessment at the end.


Target Candidates

1.Coffee enthusiasts or aspiring Baristas who are keen to get a solid understanding behind Coffee and Barista Operations.

2.People from other craft areas (ie. craft brewers etc) who may want a wider perspective and may be interested in incorporating ideas into their own areas.


Programme Content

The programme consists of 23 short Unit Lessons broken into 3 areas (Coffee from Tree to Café, Barista Work Station & Barista Operations in the Cafe). To see the lesson topics, go to the curriculum tab and click on ‘lessons‘.


Training & Assessment

The programme takes approx. 15 Learning Hours (ie. approx. 30mins per unit plus 1 hour assessment) and all materials are available on line for a 3 month period after registration. The assessment consists of 2 Multi-choice tests of 30 mins duration and 25 questions per test. An honours mark of 60% is required and you have 5 chances to retake the tests if you do not achieve this mark first time around.


To take the course

  • Click on the ‘take this course’ button which takes you to a new screen.
  • Follow the instructions to ‘sign up’/register by clicking on top RHS – you will be asked to enter a username and password for future login.
  • You will be sent an email for verification purposes and after verification you can use the username and password to login and start the course.
  • Your activity will be tracked to the username. Please use your lowercase name as username ie. tomjones.

Course Curriculum

Unit 000 Coffee Overview 00:00:00
The 100 Series Coffee from Tree to Cafe
Unit 101 Coffee History 00:00:00
Unit 102 Coffee Varietals 00:00:00
Unit 103 Place and Flavour 00:00:00
Unit 104 Picking and Flavour 00:00:00
Unit 105 Processing and Flavour 00:00:00
Unit 106 Roasting and Flavour 00:00:00
Unit 107 Coffee Beans in the Cafe 00:00:00
The 200 Series Barista Work Station
Unit 201 Barista Work Station 00:00:00
Unit 202 Coffee Grinders 00:00:00
Unit 203 Espresso Machines 00:00:00
The 300 Series Barista Operations
Unit 301 Espresso Preparation 00:00:00
Unit 302 Milk Steaming 00:00:00
Unit 303 Barista Workflow 00:00:00
Unit 304 Cortado Macchiatto 00:00:00
Unit 305 Cappuccino 00:00:00
Unit 306 Latte 00:00:00
Unit 307 Mocha 00:00:00
Unit 308 Americano 00:00:00
Unit 309 Other Coffee Based Drinks 00:00:00
Unit 310 Latte Art 00:00:00
Unit 311 Manual Coffee Brewing 00:00:00
Unit 312 Cleaning and Maintenance 00:00:00
Barista Test 1 00:30:00
Barista Test 2 00:30:00

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  • 3 months, 1 week
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