Course Aim

To gain in depth brewing capabilities to compliment the knowledge gained during the Developing Brewer course.


Course Overview

The course incorporates;

  • Access to all Bronze credential knowledge material and more insightful brewing articles.
  • A zoom call with one of the Hibernian Brewing School Master Brewers.
  • Access to 6 months on-line technical support from our technical team and advice for your artisan brewing practical assignments.



Candidates are assessed as follows;

  1. The brewing practical assignment consists of completing a brew and packaging it in accordance with a recipe specified by Hibernian Brewing School. A recording of specific elements is required as evidence.
  2. The candidate should demonstrate capability in analysis of the beer batch (discussion or demo with assessor).
  3. The candidate should demonstrate that they can map the beer on the HBS flavor map (written assignment).
  4. There will be an assignment to test the capability of the candidate in problem solving (written assignment).
  5. There will be a technical discussion by zoom with one of the Hibernian Brewer Master Brewers where in depth practical brewing knowledge will be assessed.


Course Duration

Candidates have 6 months to complete the course.


Silver Brewer Digital Credential – Professional Brewer

Course Fee

Cost €480


Successful completion of the Bronze Brewer credential is a course pre-requisite.

Significant brewing experience as a home brewer or artisan brewer is recommended before attempting the practical assignments.



Course Curriculum

Unit 06 The Brewing Process 00:00:00
Unit 08 Knowing the Beer Flavours 00:00:00
Beer Appreciation Test Challenge 00:05:00
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