* For candidates who want a very good foundation in Packaging across the drinks industry and is ideal preparation for the IBD Certificate in Packaging.
* Consists of 23 Lessons, workbook materials and opportunity to do numerous mock tests for IBD preparation.
* Takes Approx 30 learning hours to complete.
* Cost €80.

Programme Overview

This programme is built around the learning outcomes for the IBD (Institute of Brewing & Distilling) Certificate in Packaging and but also gives a very good knowledge foundation around the packaging of various different types of beverages. The aim is to prepare candidates as well as possible for the IBD exam and give all candidates a good foundation on beverage packaging.


Target Candidates

Candidates who want a good foundation in beverage packaging and those preparing for the IBD Certificate in Packaging.


How we prepare Candidates

  1. Lessons are as jargon free as possible and set out in an easy to understand manner.
  2. Useful video clips are incorporated for illustration.
  3. Workbooks in pdf format are made available for download.
  4. Multi-choice tests are made available drawing on a bank of more than 200 questions and candidates have the opportunity to check and see what the correct answers are. Repeating these tests a number of times is an excellent way to reinforce learnings.
  5. A forum is available so candidates can put up queries and our Lead tutor for packaging (Dr Dan Donnelly) will reply as quickly as possible.


Programme Contents

The programme consists of 23 Lessons – to see the lesson topics, go to the curriculum tab and click on ‘lessons


Training Methods, Duration & Assessment

All materials are available on-line for a 3 month period after registration. Certification is based on successful completion of 2 x 20min multi-choice tests on-line – 60% is the pass mark for the tests. The candidate can repeat the test up to 10 times. Questions are randomized and taken from a large bank of questions so a different test comes up each time.

Approximately 30 standard learning hours required (25hrs – 28hrs understanding learning materials plus 1 hour assessment).


To take the course

  • Click on the ‘take this course’ button which takes you to a new screen.
  • Follow the instructions to ‘sign up’/register by clicking on top RHS – you will be asked to enter a username and password for future login.
  • You will be sent an email for verification purposes and after verification you can use the username and password to login and start the course.
  • Your activity will be tracked to the username. Please use your lowercase name as username ie. tomjones.

Course Curriculum

Unit 01 Beer Packaging Overview 00:00:00
Unit 02 Bright Beer Production 00:00:00
Unit 03 Pasteurization and Sterile Filtration 00:00:00
Unit 04 Kegs and Keg Package 00:00:00
Unit 05 Can and Can Packaging 00:00:00
Unit 06 Non Returnable Bottles and Packaging 00:00:00
Unit 07 The Canning Line 00:00:00
Unit 08 Non Returnable Bottle Line 00:00:00
Unit 09 Returnable Bottle Line 00:00:00
Unit 10 Keg Plant Overview 00:00:00
Unit 11 Keg Machines and Operations 00:00:00
Unit 12 Machine Container Inspectors 00:00:00
Unit 13 Preparations for Packaging 00:00:00
Unit 14 Assessment of Packaging Performance 00:00:00
Unit 15 Packaging Plant Maintenance 00:00:00
Unit 16 Warehousing 00:00:00
Unit 17 Control of Beer Quality 00:00:00
Unit 18 Health Safety and Environment 00:00:00
Unit 19 CIP Systems and Cleaning 00:00:00
Unit 20 Utilities Water and Process Gas 00:00:00
Unit 21 Beer Microbiology 00:00:00
Unit 22 Beer Tasting and Quality 00:00:00
Unit 23 Knowing the Beer Flavours 00:00:00
IBD Packaging Workbooks 00:00:00
Test 1 for Certificate in Beverage Packaging 00:20:00
Test 2 for Certificate in Beverage Packaging 00:20:00

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  • 3 months, 1 week
  • Course Certificate
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