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Gain all the essential knowledge for artisan & home brewing

Take your brewing to the next level with our Associate Brewer Course.

  • Brewing industry
  • Beer Styles & Flavour
  • Raw Materials
  • Brewing Equipment
  • Technical Brewing
  • Packaging
  • Dispense
  • Compliance
  • Quality
  • Problem Solving.
Units/Lessons are packaged in modules and modules are grouped in 4 distinct areas

To gain the Associate Brewer Credential:
Participants must successfully complete 4 on-line assessments corresponding to the 4 distinct areas as above and gain a minimum of 60% in each test. The 4 tests can be found after Module 1 (Beer Aficianado), Module 4, Module 6 and Module 9. Tests can be repeated up to 3 times. Note – candidates must log in to the Beer Aficianado course to do the lessons and test for module 1.

With approx 100 learning hours, participants have 6 months to complete the programme.

Basic science knowledge is an advantage but not an essential requirement.

Beer brewing courses online - Associate brewer award

Digital Award

A verifiable secure digital credential  confirms you have achieved the award. You can use this on linked on or with a digital  resumé / CV.