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Learn about beer flavour and brewing

A perfect course for the aspiring brewer, home brewer, or anyone who wants to understand more about the most popular drink in the world.
  • Fully online course
  • Contains interactive lessons, slides & videos
  • Approx 20 learning hours to complete
  • 17 knowledge units
  • Access to relevant brewing articles.
  • Short videos on beer tasting and flavour.
  • 1 on-line test (60% required to pass)
  • Beer Categories
  • Beer History
  • Beer Ingredients
  • Brewing Beer
  • Beer Tasting-and Quality
  • Knowing the Flavours
  • Beer Styles
  • Global Beer Challenge
  • Overview of Packaging
  • Draught Beer Dispense
  • Beer and Food
  • Beer and Health
  • Overview of Home Brewing
  • Beer Styles – Ales / Lagers / more
  • Beer & Brewing Terminology
  • Brewing Process Summary
  • Profiling Beer
  • How to taste Beer
  • Glassware for Beer
  • Home-brewing Context and Overview

Candidates have 3 months to complete the programme.

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