Professional Brewer

Professional Brewer

Gain in-depth Brewing Knowledge & Brewing Capability

Course Overview

This programme is about putting into practice (through practical brewing) all the knowledge gained during the associate programme which will further enhance brewing knowledge. Through formal zoom sessions and informal e-mail communications with our technical brewers, we will show you how to put good systems in place for your artisan brewing. We will also hold good technical brewing discussions with you.

Requirement to have Associate Brewer Credential before starting

You will have 6 months to complete the programme.

You will need to demonstrate completion of brewing and packaging of beer batches for 2 recipes specified by Hibernian Brewing School (recordings of specific elements is required as evidence). Brew analysis in accordance with the specified recipes will need to be demonstrated. The flavors of the resultant beer will need to be profiled on the HBS flavor map. You will also need to complete an assignment demonstrating the capability to problem solve and troubleshot effectively.

Professional Brewer Digital Credential
Included in the course fee is the Hibernian Brewing School Professional Brewer Digital Credential, which will be issued to you on successful completion of the course. This is a secure, verifiable digital badge, unique to you. This can be shared online, on LinkedIn and many other platforms.  

Extra Certification:
As our course is aligned with international standards, you can add a European Qualifications Framework  (EQF) Level 4 qualification to your completed course.  

How to add the extra certification
On completion of the course, you will complete additional assignments in a workbook we supply.  You will then be independently verified & certified by the accrediting body.

Extra certification details:
evel 4 EQF (22 Credits)  

This equates to:
– Level 3 on the UK Framework
– Level 5 on the Irish Framework (NQQI)

Extra certification accrediting body:
Accrediting body: FDQ

Extra certification fee:
There is an additional cost of €90 for this certification.

The Professional Brewing Award for Beer brewing - Our online Course, gets you to a professional brewing standard learn how to brew beer with our online courses

Digital Award

A verifiable secure digital credential  confirms you have achieved the award. You can use this on linked on or with a digital  resumé / CV

Formal Sessions:

Zoom Session 1 (Initial Planning Meeting)

  • Introductions.
  • Overview of programme and assessment criteria.
  • Review of brewing equipment.
  • Overview of proposed system for brewing.
  • Review of brew recipe requirements, process parameters, batch size required, records to be completed etc.

Zoom Session 2 (After completion of Brew 1)

  • Review all aspects of Brew 1 Vs plan.
  • Review results.
  • Discuss various aspects as appropriate.
  • Plan requirements for Brew 2.
  • Review assignment requirements (ie. troubleshooting & flavor emphasis).


Zoom Session 3 (After completion of Brew 2 & assignments)

  • Review and discussion around various aspects of Brew 2.
  • Review of assignment.
  • Action plan for close out of evidence requirements for qualification.


In between zoom sessions, informal communication via e-mail will also take place as required between candidate and Hibernian technical brewers.