Is my data safe ?

Totally Yes.The only data we will have is your registration data (email and name). This is purely used for the Hibernian Brewing School needs (ie. for log in and emailing certs) and this information is securely held.

Can I expense my training ?

Yes. At the end of your purchase, you will receive a receipt that you can file as an expense.

How would you describe the content of your programmes ?

The content of the material that our Master Brewers have put together for each programme is second to none. The lesson packs are put together in a user-friendly structured manner and the best books, articles, videos and workbooks have been chosen to compliment the lesson packs so that learners have all the information they need. Our list of programmes keeps growing so the Hibernian Brewing School is an extremely rich resource center for craft brewers and bars/hotels.

Are the assessments for each of the programmes difficult ?

For programmes that are on the European Framework of Qualifications, the assessments are laid out by the external accrediting body (ie. FDQ or City& Guilds). For our internal Hibernian Brewing School programmes, the material in the lesson packs is sufficient to for candidates to achieve honours marks but for distinctions, candidates should also read the available support material.

What kind of support is available from your Master Brewers ?

If participants have any technical questions on the programmes, they can post these on the forum and our master brewers will respond at least within 48hours (most of the time on the same day).

Your e-learning programmes are ‘self-directed’ – what does this mean ?

Our Master Brewers provide technical support through our forum as described above – they do not provide on-line tutorials or manage candidates schedules and this is the main reason why our programmes as priced so competitively. Candidates need to be able to ‘self-manage’ themselves through the programmes or have target deadlines set by their company.

How does a craft brewery sign up for one of the packages ?

Just email us at info@hibernianbrewing school.com to express an interest. You will need to send us names and email addresses for users – we register staff for programmes and send them emails with login details. The company will need to decide the programmes for the different staff and lay out and manage a schedule for completion. We will provide all the technical support required by the candidates for the programmes and we will issue certificates to successful candidates at the end. Companies can pay for subscriptions through the website.

Do you provide customized training ?

Yes. On request through email we can put together a customized training programme for any company – we do this on a regular basis.

Do you get courses translated into other languages ?

Yes. We can offer a full translation service to any language you want.

Do you provide consultancy ?

Yes. Our core support team provides consultancy on legal compliance and technical brewing. We also work with a number of other industry experts around the world and depending on the consultancy need, we can often find the right person to help you.

Explain a little more about the Technical Support Forums for Craft Brewers ?

Access to the Technical Support forums is open to anybody who signs up for an annual subscription or for any of our professional brewer programmes. For Brewers, there are 5 main streams; Brewing Styles (flavor, beer styles, global trends etc), Brewing Operations (Brewhouse, Fermentation/Maturation, Packaging etc), Compliance (Quality, Safety, Environment etc), Engineering & Maintenace, Draught Dispense.

Explain a little more about the Hibernian Brewers Toolkit ?

This is also available to anybody who signs up for an annual subscription or for any of our professional brewer programmes – it can be downloaded. Our experts have put this together with a 30,000 HL pa brewery in mind. It includes; Typical Brew Record Sheets, Quality Plans, Cleaning Schedules, Calculations for IBU, Calculations for Waste, Production Planning Templates, Risk Assessment Templates, etc. We are continually adding to this toolkit and many of our additions have come from queries through our forums.

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