Our Programme List

The Hibernian Brewing School is regulated and approved to deliver internationally recognized programmes for the following awarding bodies;

FDQ….  Food & Drinks Qualifications is the largest awarding body in Europe for Food & Drink qualifications.

City & Guilds … Globally recognized across a number of sectors.

WSET…. Globally recognized for Wine and Spirit qualification.

As well as delivering internationally recognized qualifications, we also deliver our own internal Hibernian Brewing School programmes applying the same degree of rigor to quality assurance and verification which also makes these much sought after certifications.

Why not find a programme you like from the list below and then go to the PROGRAMMES tab to get started !

Current programmes from our Brewing World include;

  1. Hibernian Brewing Award – FREE
  2. Hibernian Brewing Certificate
  3. Irish Brewers Association Quality Dispense Qualifications
  4. Hibernian Associate Brewer – Professional Brewer
  5. Hibernian Associate Brewer – Home Brewer [AVAILABLE SOON]
  6. Hibernian Diploma Brewer – Professional Brewer with international certification….. LOGO


Current programmes from our Barista World include;

  1. Hibernian Barista Award – FREE
  2. Hibernian Barista Certificate – Professional Barista
  3. Hibernian Barista Diploma – Professional Barista with international certification……… LOGO


Current programmes from our Wine & Spirits World include;

  1. Hibernian Wine & Spirits Award – FREE
  2. Hibernian Wine & Spirits Certificate – Professional
  3. Hibernian Wine & Spirits Diploma – Professional with international certification…… LOGO


Current programmes from our Packaging World include;

  1. Hibernian Certificate in Packaging – Tailored for IBD Exams
  2. Hibernian Certificate in Packaging – Professional with international certification….. LOGO
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